For those who like a gradual approach!

Perhaps you are not ready for a 22-day commitment. That's okay! Some people prefer to start with a shorter period of time to "feel it out" first. If this sounds like your style, then the Fresh Take 7 is for you!

Our 7-day "experiment" provides everything you need to try out plant-based living!

30 Plant-Based Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, sauces, and smoothies!

7-Day Meal Plan & Shopping List

Support Resources such as plant-based general tenets, food reference guide, and tips for success!

Private Online Community to ask questions, share comments and learn from others' experiences!


Partnering For A Common Cause

We donate 10% of all revenue to help provide plant-based meals and basic health services to Ethiopian school children in partnership with A Well-Fed World and the International Fund for Africa’s School Health & Nutrition Program.

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