Moments Of Clarity

Moments of clarity are those times in our lives when something (or a series of things) happens and our eyes are opened to a decision we need to make or an area we need to address or change for our betterment. They are the times in our lives when we experience an “aha” moment, a lightbulb goes off in our brains, or we have a new realization that there is a better way or a new path to take. These moments can come in small unassuming packages or big catastrophic events like a health crisis. We’ve all had them but why is it that sometimes we have them and then quickly forget, move on, and continue doing what we were doing before? In order for moments of clarity to change us, it’s critical that we do two things:

1. Take immediate action (or inaction if that’s what the situation calls for!) and implement something new that’s going to create the new life or way that we want to transition to. If we allow ourselves to sit on it or procrastinate, we will most likely lose our resolve, rationalize, make excuses, and waffle in our determination to change. It’s critical to start building a new pattern and moving in the new direction right away before we forget or talk ourselves out of it!

An excerpt from a day’s reading in one of my old K-Love devotionals fit perfectly with this point! William Barclay wrote:

“There is nothing more dangerous than the repeated experience of a fine emotion with no attempt to put it into action. It is a fact that every time a man feels a noble impulse without taking action, he becomes less likely ever to take action…..”

2. Create a narrative around it and tell it to ourselves and others as our turning point story – that moment in time when we decided “this no longer serves me and I want something different for myself”. We’ve got to create a narrative of meaning around the moment because moments of clarity are just instances or moments in time like every other moment. What gives them their value or meaning is the story we create around them and all the little points along the line where we have a choice to go back to our old ways or remind ourselves of the moment of clarity and remind ourself why we decided to change and that we do things differently now. Just like anything in life, in order to get better or instill a new habit, we’ve got to practice and create a new pattern.

If you want to be different. If you want to shift your focus. If you want to think differently. If you want to be healthier. If you want to reprioritize. If you want to blaze a new path. If you want to live a new life. If you want something different than you’ve always had, then you’ve got to do something different than you always did. A moment of clarity can be the beginning of that if you jump on it!

I’d love to hear about one of your “moments of clarity” so please share in the comments section below!