The implications and benefits of a plant-based whole foods lifestyle can extend far beyond the food on your plate. While you might be looking to try plant-based living to improve your health, there are many other positive “side effects” you could experience.

A plant-based whole foods lifestyle...

Changing your dietary lifestyle in such a profound way may uncover areas in your life that you didn’t even know needed to be addressed. Many people have unhealthy relationships with food that can be defined by words like addictive, abusive, manipulative, and more. When you begin to feed your body life-giving food and start seeing food as the fuel to power your body, mind, and soul, you turn the corner from potential self-destruction to self-care. This is empowering and freeing! While it might be difficult and challenging to address these deep-seeded issues, you can come out the other side changed for the better.

There are so many plant-based whole foods that most of us have never even heard of let alone tried. Do a quick Google search and you will see that there are in fact thousands of edible plants in the world, of which only fifteen (including soybeans, peanuts, rice, wheat and bananas) provide the majority of food crops! Take a step out of the food box, and allow this lifestyle to unlock and unleash the adventure and creativity in you!

This may be the first time you have ever considered where your food comes from, what it takes to produce your food, and how your food choices (added up over time) impact the world at large. As you become more aware of the impact to your health, the animals, the environment, and more, you may find yourself newly convicted to share the lifestyle with others out of a pure desire for them to experience the same benefits and positive impacts.

As you learn more about how policies are created in our country (specifically around the areas of the environment and nutrition) and how these policies influence the media and general public, you may find yourself with a desire to be more active politically. This could mean communicating with leaders to advocate for more sustainable approaches to food production, changes to nutrition guidelines and policies, more restriction on industry advertisements and media influence.

While those following a plant-based lifestyle are in the minority, when you find and connect with others of like mind in this area, you will experience an instant bond and connection that can be likened to the connection you might feel within a family or religious community. You might not agree entirely on all aspects of life or the lifestyle, but a shared dietary lifestyle creates a strong and powerful bond. And, compassion seems to go hand and hand with this way of life.

Ready to experience the benefits for yourself?

The WNY22 is a 22-day plan centered on plant-based whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes (beans, peas, lentils, etc.). It provides the information, resources, and support to guide you through the first steps into experiencing a plant-based lifestyle!

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