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We recognize you are interested in a plant-based diet for reasons that are specific to you. You may want to improve serious health issues, shed unwanted pounds, have more energy to enjoy activities, or improve your overall quality of life.

Whatever your motivation may be, getting the best results requires more of a commitment and more support. The Whole New You 22 provides everything you need to experience plant-based living and the many benefits it can provide.

Results From WNY22 Participants Include:

Weight Loss
Lowered Cholesterol
Improved Blood Pressure
Stopped Medications

Reduce/Eliminate Skin Diseases
Improved Skin Complexion
Increased Energy
Improved Sleep

Don't just take our word for it...

Click on the pics below to hear directly from WNY22 participants:

Your story could be the next one we all celebrate!


All of these resources are electronic and are available after purchase!

What you can expect:


Partnering For A Common Cause

We donate 10% of all revenue to help provide plant-based meals and basic health services to Ethiopian school children in partnership with A Well-Fed World and the International Fund for Africa’s School Health & Nutrition Program.

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